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Bidirectional, meaningful dialogue between the district and the community, including students, teachers, families, and community members is crucial.


Evidence-based, equitable, meaningful, rigorous, inclusive academics for all students is key to our collective success. It is imperative to ensure at least one year of academic  growth for all. This is especially important after two years of disrupted education with potential academic losses.


The board and school district has to be held accountable for educating all of our students to reach their full potential. 


We must ensure fiscal responsibility to meet district objectives, and adequately support needs of students, staff and building infrastructure.

To combat our issues we need to face them. To face them we need to honestly assess the current state in each area of importance and use this information to create a recovery plan. We need to speak to dedicated families, both current and families we have lost over the past two years who want to return. We must actively listen and respect points of views from beyond those that are in line with the current board's assessment and understanding. We need to take an AND approach to our key initiatives... we can value rigorous academics, equity, wellness. A review of our coherent governance model is needed to ensure that using this model is best for holding the Board and District accountable for the best evidence-based, equitable, meaningful, rigorous, inclusive academics for all students. A line-by-line evaluation of the budget is needed to ensure that deficits made by decreasing enrollment can be overcome to recruit and maintain high performing staff to keep Shorewood Schools the destination it once was.

Please reach out to learn more about my plans and ideals. Also I would love to hear your concerns and suggestions about district's operations.

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